Prevention. Never

Prevention. Never The spoon of each table set has different depth of a working part.

Using a teaspoon as the measuring tool, you can give to the child bigger or smaller amount of medicine, than it is offered the doctor.

It is possible to give some medicines with food.

If you cannot cope with introduction to the child of drugs, address for the help in children's policlinic.

Grandmothers also can give a piece of good advice in this question.


Never give to the child medicine if it is not appointed by the doctor.

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It, for example

It, for example It, for example supervision; practical acquaintance to the subject world and nature; reading and outgaming of fairy tales, verses, songs, cogitable children; work with pictures examinin a nazyvaniye of subject pictures, drawing up of stories according to subject pictures and series of pictures; viewing of animated films, telecasts, slides and so forth; conversation, subject roleplaying game expansion and specification of representations about social reality; excursions, visit of circus, theater, cinema; special classes in development speeches.

That, how various, interestin informative, full will be information on the world which surrounds the child, in many respects depends on parents and teachers.

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Up to that

Up to that And then there is absolutely other contact, including up to the sexual.

That is everything develops absolutely into other areas of feelings, sovmeshcheniya, merges with each other.

Up to that our world on it, on an animal, level – loses the importance.

Gradually and will be.

It further, and now, of course, is unreal about it to speak, I simply want to show on board – to what we will come.

– We, certainly, should know about it.

Why I so much attention ude to parents Because from parents there is a large quantityquestions by a technique.

One of functions of parents is to provide bezopasa nost to the child.

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Let he in practice

Let he in practiceIn Montessori's technique the most important independentwork therefore it is necessary to show patienceand not to try to impose something to the kid orto do a task for it.

That the adult considers elementary,for the threeyear little man can bedifficult task.

From this one more rule follows it is not necessaryto say it is a lot of superfluous words.

Explaining to the childtask, it is necessary to tell and show only that,that is necessary.

Let he in practice learnscharacteristics of things, being engaged own in the researchwork.

And certainly, work with Montessori materialsshould not turn into a heavy duty.

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Do not forget

Do not forget Give me a point of support, and I will overturn the globe to all of us this statement is well known.

It is necessary to remind more and more time samples should not become to the certain cliches which have been set once and for all, so as all our work should not turn into a constant nataskivaniye, not running off to thoughts of the child.

Do not forget about it! Task the teacher finally it is reduced to development of possibilities of the pupil, to to freedom of his speech creativity.

A rigid framework in which will squeeze the child, accustom it to replace thoughtlessly own judgments mechanical samples.

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At first sight

At first sight A collection subject – Attitude.

At first sight can seem that this too sublime concept for children.

However we will not forget that our children are born and grow in the shoreless information sea.

Therefore dialogue of parents and children that moves the person to what he aspires as the world around and society is arranged is so important.

We hope that the fairy tales, which ideals the good, love, friendship, vzaimovyruchwill help to adjust this not simple, but such important and necessary dialogue.

SELLER of FENNEL orVudi's ADVENTURES In the country amazing anomalies are observed.

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Immunity protective

Immunity protectiveImmunization carrying out preventive inoculations against some infectious diseases.

Immunity protective force of an organism.

The incubatory period time passing between infection and emergence of the first symptoms of a disease.

Infection a disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

Gripes the spasms, being accompanied pain and the raised gazoobrazovaniye.

Collapse sharp falling of arterial pressure.

DICTIONARY OF MEDICAL TERMSCompress the cotton wool laid between two leaves of a wax paper; it is put to skin through a thin towel for discomfort reduction.

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