The sound and energy

The sound and energy For the first time having seen such dance, I cried because of happiness.

The sound and energy surround us everywhere.

They a part of our reality.

To realize them means to realize an important part of.

Since ancient times music used for mood and healing change.

Recently scientists found out that vibrations of a humming cat promote accretion of the injured bones and relieve pain.

Vibrations delfiny considerably improve a condition of children with autism.

The Bulgarian researcher George Lozanov found out that baroque music, deep breath and information visualization both a brain and an uluchshayutsposobnostkobucheniya.

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It is necessary

It is necessary They agreed.

At blow in a groin the man can faint and even life.

Pain and a spasm of muscles because of a trauma extends on all body of the man.

Therefore right after a trauma it is necessary to find any subject a step, a stone, a stick, about which it is necessary to knock strongly a foot foot.

The sinew which goes on a foot from a foot thumb to a heel, during such trauma strongly strains.

It is necessary for them to knock or lean.

If it will be possibleit to weaken, pain and data of a body will end.

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And still

And still Unfortunately, in the early nineties we had to close all the schools in connection with growth of obligatory insurance fees.

I would like to share with readers some technicians of meditation and the ekstrasensorny games facilitating communication of parents and teachers with spirit of the child.

Any can seize these tools and use them together with the children or pupils.

And still I want to tell you about some rules and orders at Inyan school, and also about raznourovnevy spiritual communication which we recommended to parents.

I hope that all children will shortly get education not only for mind and a body, but also for spirit.

Every mornin saying goodbye to parents on a school threshold, the child was accustomed to separate spiritually from them.

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MOST POPULARThe fourth gift the cube of the same sizes dividedon eight tiles the cube is halved,and each half on four extended tiles,the length of each of which is equal to the cube party, thicknessit is equal the one fourth this party.

Possibility of construction combinations in thiscase considerably extends with additioneach new gift former, with which childalready accustomed, certainly, are not withdrawn.

MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONThe fifth gift a cube divided on twentyseven small cubes, and nine of them are dividedon smaller parts.

The sixth gift the cube which has been also divided on twentyseven cubes, many of which too are dividedon a part on tiles, on a diagonal etc.

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Building model, carrying

Building model, carrying It is impossibletherefore to explain to him a way and a decision ordertasks and to prompt a word, gesture, a look.

Building model, carrying out the decision practically,the child learns to take independently all from reality.

It is impossible to demand and, that the childfrom the first attempt solved a problem.

It, probably, stilldid not grow, did not ripen, and it is better to wait day, week,month or even is more.

The decision appears at the child not in the abstractto form of the answer of a mathematical task, and in a lookdrawin pattern or a construction from cubes, bricks,details of the designer, i.

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The doctor

The doctor Before offering the kid fruit, carefully remove all sunflower seeds containing in them.

To year age do not offer the child sunflower or pumpkin sunflower seeds.

If the child started to cough or it had rattles after food of fruit, most likely, fruit a sunflower seed got to it to a throat.

Call the pediatrist.

The doctor appoints a rentgenografiya of bodies of a thorax.

If sunflower seed it will be found, the special device, which will help the pulmonary surgeon at a distance sunflower seeds is required.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON to WEEKThe child starts talk by toy phone the Child can to start to talk by toy phone.

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Gold balls. We clap; we bear

Gold balls. We clap; we bear we put palms together; by forefingers it is twisted ; sponges it is extended, we involve air; hands it is extended forward, soyedinyaI eat together palms.



Volgina Muz.


Filippenko Father Frost, Father Frost To children a firtree brought.

And on it small lamps.

Gold balls.

We clap; we bear firtree on a shoulder it is possible to use stick; we do small lamps we lift hands up, we bend fingers in a palm balls, we twist hands here and there.



Kudasheva of Muses.


Bekman In the wood the firtree was born.

It grew in the wood In the winter and in the summer the harmonous.

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  • Remember those moments when something actually was necessary for the kid and there was money and the help.Of your kid care accept it.If any occupations are necessary for it, everything will develop.It will be necessary for you to accept and agree only.You not always understand still that is necessary for the child for development of his talents and abilities.So happens that, growin he chooses such kind of activity about which you even have no representation.From where the child will take necessary skills You not always can prepare and teach him to it.Listen to the heart and give that you actually can give.
  • Onto Lupan's opinion, the various knowledge, received in the dailylives information are much more effectivedaily occupations.A lesson for the child will be thattime when it systematizes the received knowledgeor uses them in practice.If the kid lostinterest to these or those occupations, does not receive from thempleasures also does not move forward, it is necessary to stoplessons for some weeks or even months.In it there is nothing terrible time is necessary,that knowledge settled, Lupan considers.Whenafter a break of occupation will renew, the child with interestwill fill everything that was passed.MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION Cecile's Principles Lupan The best teachers for the kid his parents.
  • Any offense of the person is his misunderstanding or a certain sort an illness.The person inside is fine.Circumstances to which it gets, and close people create preconditions for this or that behavior.If in a family believe in it, that it can cope with any problems, and are ready to give to it love and support, the child will aspire to correspond to expectations of relatives and to behave so that not to disgrace the honor families.In cases when in a family adults try to make out in the child bad and to condemn him, does not remain in the place world, where it could go to get support and the help.
  • Before everything was accurately distributed.The mankind aspired to putting all on the places you are a psychologist, means, should carry, for example, a black shirt, differently it is impossible.People even lodged on professional accessory – on shops.You should live on the appointed street and chose the wife from a certain Crewe hectare.The family is obliged to adhere to the set way, the hat and a dress should have a certain breed.Anything else.Everything is registered, up to food, all Here your cemetery.Everything was clear who and where lives, what its origin with whom it pozvolitelno to keep in touch and from whom it is necessary to keep away.
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