Other woman

Other woman At this time the woman can be fond of such information to which did not show any interest earlier.

One my acquaintance even started to buy tools.

Her husband was extremely surprised, as thought that she decided to be engaged in metalwork and for its help does not hope.

Other woman collected a big collection of models of the ships which continued to fill up all pregnancy.

The boy was born.

Mother lost any interest to the ships and a collection cleaned.

The father of the child and the grandfather with the grandmother dreamed that he becomes a musician and will study foreign languages.

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First attempts

First attempts It is necessary to be engaged! Originally, N.


Zhinkin, the central management writes the impellent analyzer it is not capable to submit such true impulse on organs of speech which would cause an articulation and a sound corresponding to norms of supervising hearing.

First attempts of management by the speech bodies will be inexact, rough, not differentiated.

Acoustical control will reject them.

But management of speech bodies never it will be adjusted, if they do not report in the operating center that them becomes, when the erroneous sound not accepted by hearing is reproduced.

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And as in this

And as in this In it there will be no need.

– The child will participate in it, it will be his environment! Under the influence of such environment each of us can test itself.

And as in this system globality and an integralnost will be gradually shown, we can fulfill on it our following models of behavior.

I can address to it as to the expert on my further steps and, as a result, to be mistaken less.

I create, it seems, game, but actually I create model of the correct society.

And consequently, if I in it move myself as though a counter, I place myself in any certain layers, actions, properties, changes, communication, I can see already in advance, where I actually succeed, and where is not present.

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Yura does

Yura does In a bathroom the duckling floats, On a pillow the kitten sleeps.

Yura does not want to sleep, Cheerfully laughs loudly.

Here so cat, here so cat Goes back to front, To mother the Paw submits, To Yura songs sings.

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Sooner or later

Sooner or later And this dissociation which is becoming aggravated over time, bares our need for original unity.

In such unity to reach which it is possible, only having modernized our interrelation, having made it deep and indissoluble is well matched for the nature.

Eventually we beings public, so, cannot live eternally separately.

sooner or later we should find a way to harmony and to stretch between us love bonds.

De's education also should be directed on it ty.

After all we want to grow up their happy …How it to makeBefore you a set of means for construction other generalstvo which person to the person – chewill live by a principle also will provide all of us with heat, safety, spokoystviye and love.

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Are thus

Are thus At this age there are all sounds the native language speech becomes phonetic pure, without distortions.

It is very important not to miss possibilities of age and to help the child in formation of the correct speech.

Are thus equally significant as ability distinctly to utter words, and is thin to differentiate sounds of the native language aurally.

These abilities of the child will be necessary when training for the diploma part of words of Russian pi, proceeding from a phonetic principle of the letter both we hear, and we write.

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I want to drink! Gave

I want to drink! Gave At last, when you immerse it in a bed which is filled by his friends without whom it cannot be in it, it becomes clear that ceremony yet did not end.

Time now came to tell fairy tales and to sing songs.

You told the fairy tale and think that the kid will fall asleep.

Ceremony is not ended.

I want to drink! Gave to drink.

Only after it sat on a pot once again, he will agree to lay down.

You cover it a blanket and again receive the remark that do something not so.

Every evening everything will repeat to trifles while you do not learn all ceremony.

Firstborns very much love rules, and they are very meticulous.

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