They do everything

They do everything At the same time it is color of envy, jealousy and suspiciousness if a dirty shade.

The green very bright people, full of strength and intelligence.

They do everything quickly, jumping from the first step on the tenth.

Process which is too saturated details, seems to them boring and tiresome.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONThey prefer to develop idea, to organize the plan, and then to charge to someone to care of details.

They understand a task and quickly find the decision.

Green very much like to compete.

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What to do. If you suspect

What to do. If you suspect Less often eggs of worms can get to respiratory ways at a breath.

Enterobioz can be at any age of the person, but more often children of younger school age are subject to it.

Symptoms include irritation and a skin itch round an anus, especially at night; fast fatigue; decrease in appetite.

What to do.

If you suspect at the child , treat a question of personal hygiene more attentively.

Watch, that hands of the child were washed up before food, after game in a sandbox, crawlings.

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In spite

In spiteFrebel considered as the most important factor of educationspeech.

On his belief, game by all means shouldto be accompanied by conversation or singing and to children shouldto be given the chance to express.

In spite of the fact that kindergartens during lifetime of Frebelwere not appreciated, already by the endThe XIX century they came to the forefront in systempreschool education in many countries.

Explanationthe simple Frebel before others noticed that,that all saw, but did not give value to childrentogether interestingly, they last to each other.

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What to do. After

What to do. After Injuries of the head occur at the beginning of independent vertical movement more often.

It is not necessary to worry strongly if the kid had a small bruise or a graze on a forehead or a temple.

At emergence of symptoms of a heavy injury of the head it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Symptoms of an injury of the head are dream violation; difficulty of feeding; vomiting; nausea; different size of pupils; consciousness loss; tearfulness; bleeding; swelling and change of skin color in a blow place.

What to do.

After falling of the child check his head.

If you found bruises or swellings, put a bubble with ice if found a wound, attentively examine it.

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On June Tuesday. At first

On June Tuesday. At first The priest gave us, thanks to it.

Let it with Dema and mother come to us home on giving.

Then arrived from church and steel to have breakfast.

Then the father with the grandmother went to Moscow for work, and the grandmother to Moscow the to disperse melancholy.

It means it went home.

In total.

Still any unknown aunt Natasha came to us.

At it is Dasha.

I gave it pair of cartridges that she looked, this little girl.

And now everythin is enough.

On June Tuesday.

At first about weather.

Weather at us good at a dacha.

Soon the sun from cloudlet leaves.

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A problem

A problem Timur! Quicker! Climb on a stool! Look in a mirror! You cosmonaut! Real cosmonaut! Go all here! Timur at us Gagarin! Timur raises up a hand, salutatory gesture Went! From now on he is ready to sleep in overalls, already it is impossible to persuade him to put on that or another.

Vitalik goes to Holland.

The child has a heart disease, there to it should perform operation.

A problem that it is impossible to photograph for documents.

Drove already.

Does not want, cries, protests.

There is no photo.

How to be Mother Sveta speaks to me about it in the presence of the boy.

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Can pass both

Can pass both Only having appeared together with me in a corridor well familiar to it, it cheered up and became by itself.

Same habitual situation, same book, same song.

From all children visiting my group, Vitalik the most resistant conservative.

Can pass both year, and two, during this time we will reread weight new books, but, having come to me to a lesson, it all the same first of all will seize that, which very long time ago is learned by heart.

These books from Vitalik it is necessary to hide, and if he casually comes across them, the delight does not have the end.

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