That does grandfather

That does grandfather It considers pictures in the book.

That does grandfather I ask.

It would seem, than that it is simpler sits drinks tea, in to one hand holds a cup, in another the newspaper reads.

Masha in the big difficulty.

What to choose With what to begin Here its answer The cup drinks.

And here still phrase The girl loved a bicycle that as it became clear, means The grandfather loves the girl and bought it a bicycle.

We pretty often face gross blunders such.

Vryad whether Masha heard about existence of verbs to drink, buy etc.

But here is how with them to address With what to begin work on verbs which so lacks in speech your child From the simplest reading the book, holding a cup, hammering nails, digging the earth a shovel, the character in the book or sits, or costs, or lies.

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No matter, that

No matter, that A good kitchen garden at the neighbor, I descend yes I will ask vegetables for salad.

And I have a grass to which can cure any illness, come, when it is required.

Life at a dacha boils.

No matter, that a bed with carrots, just as, however, and a bed with onions or a potato, we represent by means of everything only one card.

Some vegetables at us how many you want! We briskly we exchange them, treating each other Vanya me with fruit, I his salad.

Vanya gives flowers to me, seeds and saplings.

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Or leaves. Think

Or leaves. Think Here some of its sayings which were kept by my diary.

I think that everything occurs at once last, real and future.

I am a baby and the old man at the same time.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow all this now.

I believe, all of us the God's imagination.

That is he simply invented all of us, and by that created.

We dream it.

All of us same, as fingers.

They consider themselves different, but actually belong to one brush, one hand, one person.

Or leaves.

Think itself individuals, and actually are parts of one tree.

Only it seems to us that we are individuals, and actually all of us parts of God and exist in his mind.

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Kolya started

Kolya started Nobody can define time, which is required to Kolya or Alyosha to understand and acquire that, to that you teach them.

Different temperaments, characters, habits, education.

Kolya started occupations in years, and Alyosha in years.

Both that, and another not speak words.

Who from them will learn to speak quicker and better You can it to predict Perhaps, you will be helped with it by your experience with children with a Down syndrome But it is not saved up as it is possible to judge the one who we train, and who is not present Dear parents, do not give in to pessimism, and do not allow to discourage itself to insolvent teachers.

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With his opinion

With his opinion Will suffice and somehow, it is not enough to it forhappiness it is necessary, to try there is nothing.

We hasty and not brezhno we get off the child.

We despise mnogoobrazy his lives and pleasure which it is easy to it to give.

It at us important minutes and years escape; at itthere is no hurry, will be in time still, will wait.

The child not the soldier, does not defend the homeland, though together withit also suffers.

With his opinion there is no need to be considered, notvoter does not declare, does not demand, does not threaten.

Weak, small, poor, dependent to it stillonly to be the citizen.

Whether indulgent, whether sharp, whether rough, and all neglect.

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That things

That things It was classical not trainee.

Worse that is called there is no place.

Here certificate of his mother.

In years my son did not say a uniform word, speech did not understand absolutely.

The behavior was inadequate.

That things have the name not understood.

To show, where mother, where the father, where the sister where brothers, could not.

Slowly, slowly, to our greatest surprise and delight, began to say the first words house, smoke, pipe, window, cat, dog.

At first told names of subjects, adjectives, adverbs then were added hotly it is cold, dark night, light day.

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In the beginning

In the beginning Then suggest the kid to do the same most with your hand.

To start fingers tops Use of such toys develops thin movements of fingers.

In the beginning it is better to teach than the child to start a spinning top, and then to offer to rotate tops.

It is better to use tops of the large sizes.

Do not forget that the top well turns on an equal, smooth surface.

It is possible to start rings piramidka or balls, forcing them to rotate.

To open and close, untwist and to twist covers of boxes, a banok, bottles In such games correlating actions of hands develop.

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