CongenitalThe top respiratory ways the top part of respiratory system including a nose, a throat, a throat and the main bronchial tubes.

Viruses a special form of the microorganisms which do not have cellular structure.

Some viruses lead to development of diseases.

Vitamins the substances necessary for normal growth and functioning of an organism.

Congenital conditions conditions and diseases with which the child was born.

Gastroenteritis an inflammation of a gastroenteric path.

Hyperthermia body temperature increase.

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In what to erase

In what to erase Not smaller success uses and The fairy tale on the fisherman and a small fish.

The greedy old woman again sends the old man to a goldfish that to it the trough, log hut, one, another is required.

Vanya never saw troughs also does not know, for what it in general is necessary.

The trough, full of holes here broke up became.

In what to erase The washing machine is not present I speak.

Vanya right there points a finger at the picture In the sea! I already should get used to that it in a condition instantly to estimate situation and nevertheless every time for a second I fade with surprise to what bright boy! We go further.

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Many adults

Many adults At the same time it is fine economy.

Not always it is necessary to buy a new toy, it is possible to get old, forgotten.

By the way, the toy cleaned for a while is more desired then to the child, than new.

He meets her as the old friend.

If the child constructed somethin keep till next day.

Sometimes constructions lasting many days and proceeding games are the fine phenomenon which learns the child to achieve the purposes and not to throw the begun.

Many adults do not have enough this quality.

Memory Many decades was considered that the child of this age cannot remember that was in his life earlier.

Modern children others.

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My fellow

My fellow No,very big courage, that action is necessary, instead offruitless criticism to show resistance to norms on maintainin obligatory for this class.

If theremother cannot wash the child and wipe to it a nose, heredoes not presume to go dirty and in thin bashma.

There with tears takes away from school and gives to the doctrineto the master, here with equally painful feeling shouldto send to school.

My fellow without school will be gone speaks one,taking away the book.

Will spoil to me my child at school speaksanother, buying new halfpood of textbooks.

For wide sections of society heredity yav myself which covers with itself everything I meet exceptions, for a science it is a problem in a stage.

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In summary

In summary But often I appear at the deadlock and I do not know, how to explain somethin I lose patience, I swear about myself words official doctors and teachers not trainee.

But tomorrow on occupation, having told to Romena Teodorovna our difficulties, on the question I will hear very quiet and definite answer which will be so simple in the genius.

In summary I will simply list our achievements.

Grisha in five years freely expresses, sets and answers questions, reads children's texts, knows many poems, remarkably is engaged at home with toys, itself invents different plots for games.



Orlova Our child, Yulianna, years , with the medical diagnosis the oligofreniya, was engaged at Avgustova Romena Teodorovna.

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Development This game can be carried out and in a different way.

Before the game beginning to children distribute toys.

Then give tasks.

Vanya, here to you bear.

Plant a bear on a chair.

Lena, here to you a ball, hide ball under a table.

Katya, put the book in a case.


Such games are useful for repeatin using a different subject material that allows to fix at children understanding of the spatial relations.

Development of active speech of the child Creation of requirement to imitate a word of the adult the responsible moment in to logopedic work with bezrechevy children.

It should be noted that development speech imitation the natural period in development of children's speech as in norm, and in case of speech violations.

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  • Remember those moments when something actually was necessary for the kid and there was money and the help.Of your kid care accept it.If any occupations are necessary for it, everything will develop.It will be necessary for you to accept and agree only.You not always understand still that is necessary for the child for development of his talents and abilities.So happens that, growin he chooses such kind of activity about which you even have no representation.From where the child will take necessary skills You not always can prepare and teach him to it.Listen to the heart and give that you actually can give.
  • Onto Lupan's opinion, the various knowledge, received in the dailylives information are much more effectivedaily occupations.A lesson for the child will be thattime when it systematizes the received knowledgeor uses them in practice.If the kid lostinterest to these or those occupations, does not receive from thempleasures also does not move forward, it is necessary to stoplessons for some weeks or even months.In it there is nothing terrible time is necessary,that knowledge settled, Lupan considers.Whenafter a break of occupation will renew, the child with interestwill fill everything that was passed.MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION Cecile's Principles Lupan The best teachers for the kid his parents.
  • Any offense of the person is his misunderstanding or a certain sort an illness.The person inside is fine.Circumstances to which it gets, and close people create preconditions for this or that behavior.If in a family believe in it, that it can cope with any problems, and are ready to give to it love and support, the child will aspire to correspond to expectations of relatives and to behave so that not to disgrace the honor families.In cases when in a family adults try to make out in the child bad and to condemn him, does not remain in the place world, where it could go to get support and the help.
  • Before everything was accurately distributed.The mankind aspired to putting all on the places you are a psychologist, means, should carry, for example, a black shirt, differently it is impossible.People even lodged on professional accessory – on shops.You should live on the appointed street and chose the wife from a certain Crewe hectare.The family is obliged to adhere to the set way, the hat and a dress should have a certain breed.Anything else.Everything is registered, up to food, all Here your cemetery.Everything was clear who and where lives, what its origin with whom it pozvolitelno to keep in touch and from whom it is necessary to keep away.
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